Toy made of plywood

Studio Archonaut works closely with carpentry for many projects. We have noticed that all joinery produces a certain amount of material, which then does not fit and has to be thrown out. For example, when cut into a CNC milling cutter from a plywood board, it is not always possible to use the rest of the board for further furniture production. That's why our studio created a folding car made from the leftovers of plywood and unused furniture fittings. Several types of shapes are cut into the plywood, from which various shapes and types of cars can be assembled (eg Vintage Formula, Hot Rod, Muscle Car etc.) and the individual parts can be made in different colors. The plywood parts are connected together by two furniture connecting bolts, which also serve as axes of the wheels. Wheels were originally used for sliding doors, so they have integrated high-quality bearings, giving the car a perfect ride.